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Our many leaders can be seen quietly helping in the background, organizing mission trips, speaking right on stage, or patiently guiding our children. Information provided here is to help get to know some of us and invite you to let us walk with you on your spiritual journey.    

The Main Guy

Bill came to Ridgecrest with his family through the military, specifically the Marine Corps. As a civilian, Bill and his family put down roots to raise their children. Crossroads began as a Bible study at their home and grew into the church it is today. 


Bill is a father, veteran, and grandfather. In true Marine style, no topic is off-limits, and Bill enjoys all discussions, answering seeker's questions, and walking with those new to the church. In his off time he enjoys reading, cycling, and music.  

The Main Gal

Dionne grew up in Monterey Park, a small suburb of LA. After graduating, she came to the high desert with her family to a tiny town of 100 people, just North of Ridgecrest, called Olancha. There she met her husband Perry (who does that other than God?!?!) and moved to Ridgecrest in 1991.


Dionne's passion is to make every effort to help you feel like family.  She does this by helping guide people to classes, Bible studies, events and volunteer ministry...and pretty much anything else going on!

The Youth Pack Leader

Nick and his wife are our fearless teen youth group leaders. For some reason, prior to living in Ridgecrest, Nick used to jump out of airplanes and teach people how to do it. Don't worry Crossroad's parents; we are pretty sure he is not teaching that at our church.

Actually, Nick and Kelsey are deeply devoted to teaching teens about Christ and how to navigate life biblically. 

Nick and his wife also have a pack of kids of their own.  

The Kids' Wrangler

Amber and her husband Travis are the dynamic duo that love to teach kids about God.

Amber and Travis both grew up in beautiful Lake Isabella and were high school sweethearts! Aaaawww...

Come upstairs and say Hi!