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Updated: Jun 24, 2019

The path to God can feel straightforward and confusing at the same time. You might ask yourself many questions. Personally, I've often thought "As I step forward, where am even going?" True to my current athletic abilities, I am often stumbling clumsily forward.... somewhere. Much like a cat, I will pretend I do not fall and carry on as if I did not. But I do fall. We all do. We all get lost. God cares about our heart, not our feet and coordination abilities (thank goodness).

"In all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make straight your paths." Proverbs 3:6

Does straight mean easy in this context? I don't think so. Adventures, Fairly tails, books, and movies are not about someone walking down a straight path and arriving at the end without even a rock in their shoe. I think this shows that the human mind does not think this concept to be possible, or at least entertaining.

If there was a straight path set before me and I was told to simply walk down it, that may be the most difficult task for me. Just walk down the path? Often times we set out to do something that sounds simple, only to find out it is more difficult than we had the foresight to realize.

Let's look at this in the context of a job. Maybe you take on a task that looked simple and find that it has not only taken all of your time, energy, but you didn't know as much as you thought you did. That leaves you few options. For the sake of this, we will use two examples.


  1. Work overtime, drain yourself, draw separation from your personal relationships, and exhaust yourself.

  2. Humble yourself, admit to what you do not know, and reach out for help.

Well, who wants to humble themselves in this often competitive work environment and admit such things? Many of us would rather suffer in silence with option number one.

This is not the case with God. We are meant to walk with him, and he will graciously accept our humble words. Humans are not meant to be alone. That extends to each other. Find someone to walk with you on your path to Christ. Walk with someone on their path to Christ.

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