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Crossroads 101: iConnect

Take the first step to learn more about becoming part of the Crossroads family. 

Join this class to find out the basics of who we are as a church, how our church is organized, and our core values.  Interested? Contact us for our current schedule.



Crossroads 201: iGrow

This class is designed to help you grow as a Christian.


 We guide you into having a personal relationship with God and how you can apply the Bible in life. Interested? Contact us for our current schedule.



Crossroads 401: iFit

We have all had moments when we thought to ourselves, where do I fit in life?

Join just as we help you discover the skills and talents that are uniquely yours and how to use them to help others. Interested? Contact us for our current schedule.

(760) 384-3333

Office Hours 10AM - 4 PM

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